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UNIS-GROUP is a company fully owned by the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Igman d.d. (joint-stock company) is a factory founded in 1950. The factory is based in Konjic, a small town south of Sarajevo. It is one of the biggest producers of small arms ammunition from cal. 5.56 mm to cal. 12.7 mm in Europe. Its production…

Company BNT-TMiH (Machine and Hydraulics factory) is located in central Bosnia & Herzegovina, Novi Travnik, 90 km away from Sarajevo.

PRETIS d.d. (joint-stock company) is a factory founded in 1948. It is located in an industrial zone in Vogošća, suburb of Sarajevo. The scope of production covers a wide spectrum of defense products.

UNIS “GINEX” d.d. Goražde is company registered for production and turnover of chemicals, igniting and initiating means. The company has been established and started its production in 1951. It is world known manufacturer of initial means…

Tehnical Remont Institute Hadžići, is company established back in year of 1955 with dedication of producing, maintenance and remont of veapon systems and military equipment.