Heavy weaponry - machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper, assault riffles for military use. Import-export companies, manufacturers and arms trading companies.

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NITI-SHC-Kazanlak is a leading innovation and technology center, which develops and manufactures military items. The company is State enterprise.

TRANSMOBIL Ltd is a private company founded in 1994 in Sofia. The company focuses on production and trade with products and technologies for military purposes.

“VMZ” EAD is the biggest state enterprise from the military and industrial complex in Bulgaria with more than 80 years of history and is leader in the production of various caliber ammunitions, and in addition is the only manufacturer in the world…

Tehnical Remont Institute Hadžići, is company established back in year of 1955 with dedication of producing, maintenance and remont of veapon systems and military equipment.

“HELLENIC DEFENSE SYSTEMS S.A. (EBO-PYRKAL)” with trade name EAS S.A., is a State owned company which has been established in 2004 by the merging of the “Greek Powder & Cartridge Co. SA” (PYRKAL) founded in 1874 and the “Hellenic Arms Industry…

Main activities: GIS Technologies Ltd. is a company with strong roots and broad experience in military and law enforcement. Together with this background, our professional engineering team and production capability we stand prepared and confident…