CEIIA was born on December 22, 1999. The need to create an engineering centre to support companies through the development of innovative solutions either in products and processes in the automotive and aeronautics took place in CEIIA – Engineering Centre (CEIIA – EC), located in Maia city and was launched on April 18, 2006.

CEIIA wants to create conditions for increasing competitiveness of national industry through the development of technology designed and produced in Portugal. With the boost of companies and entities involved and to support the activities of engineering and product development and process, CEIIA believes that it is possible to create products with greater incorporation of technology and increase the Portuguese national participation in the supply chains of automobile and aeronautics industries.

CEIIA’s work is focused on industrialization and improvement of product / process and the design, development and testing of product / process. Currently, the activity of the engineering centre is based on the perspective of Portugal becoming a space for design and production of niche vehicles.
As a result, CEIIA current strategy is granted by strengthening the competitiveness of industry: promoting the competitiveness of manufacturers installed (such as Volkswagen Autoeuropa).

Currently, in Ceiia there are more than 62 people working using the most sophisticated methods of technological development. CEIIA – EC offers combined skills that enable the development of the whole process from the creation of new concepts till materialization into a working prototype. The CEIIA – EC work is performed using design / CAD, CAE, virtual reality, reverse engineering and quality control, production, finishing and assembly of prototypes normally associated with modules, systems or even to vehicles or aircraft. These are skills that distinguish the integrated CEIIA – and allow EC to welcome all stages of development of new products.

CEIIA activity is structured in three Business Units: CEIIA – Private-Public Partnerships, CEIIA – Engineering Centre and CEIIA – Business Increase in Value of Technology.
CEIIA – PP works as an element of conception and implementation of instruments giving support and promotion competitiveness in national supply chains for mobility‘s industries. In the engineering centre (CEIIA – EC) there are engineering and development of product activities being.

The technology qualification of companies from automotive and aerospace sectors allows further enhancement of these skills in other areas, namely in the defence industry. A new national industrial technology basis will allow access to new projects for the defence at a national level induced by the Military Procurement Law (LPM), and in
European context, associated with the EDA.

The type of projects in which CEIIA has been working creates capacity and experience for their involvement in systems to acquire under the LPM, such as new light 4X4 vehicles (VTLR).

At the same time, CEIIA has been focusing on creating three-dimensional fabrics for use in solutions of ballistic protection equipment in defence but also to protect individual ownership. CEIIA will be one of the Embraer partners in the KC-390 project.

This firm is taking part of the AICEP database.

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