Across a range of markets, from Space and Aeronautics to Defence & Security, customers trust Critical Software to bring quality and innovation to information systems in a timely and cost effective manner, while developing solutions that simply must not fail. Critical Software has a proven experience in delivering highly dependable mission oriented critical solutions to high profile customers, including NASA, the European Space Agency, AgustaWestland, EADS, UK MoD, BAE Systems and Thales Alenia Space, among many others.
Established in 1998, Critical Software is headquartered in Portugal and has offices in San Jose (USA), Southampton (UK), Bucharest (Romania), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Maputo (Mozambique).
Quality has been strategic at Critical Software since the very beginning and is today one of the company’s strong competitive advantage. The company proven track record in delivering high integrity software solutions can be attributed to the application of best practice project management techniques, backed by the coordination and control provided by an internal Quality Management System (QMS) certified in accordance with rigorous international standards.

To provide dependable and innovative technologies and engineering solutions for mission and business critical information systems across several industries.

Critical Software provides advanced solutions to Aerospace and Defence markets built with the most modern technologies covering the whole life cycle from planning and analysis to the design, development, integration and maintenance.

Critical Software’s integrated logistics and operations support solution is designed to bring efficiency and effectiveness to future Defence and Security forces on their new challenges. Our logistics and operations support solution assists Defence and Security forces towards cost reduction and serviceability improvement objectives by
enabling the adoption of new strategies such as Contracting for Availability (CfA) type contracts, Performance Based Logistics (PBL), Condition Based Maintenance or endto-end supply chain integration.

Critical Software provides solutions for supporting the business processes in maritime domain operations such as Search & Rescue, Fishery Monitoring and Environmental monitoring. Our maritime operations product-line is designed by operatives for operatives, and takes advantage of its Service Oriented Architecture, to simultaneously, deliver full integrated mission specific applications and it also allows direct integration of standalone services into existing legacy systems.

Critical Software markets a solution for Data Loss Protection, named csSECURE. It protects and controls confidential data wherever it is stored, transferred through or used. csSECURE tackles challenges like preventing theft of intellectual property, customer details or financial information by former-employees, external consultants or business partners.

The company operates a quality management system certified to CMMI® Level5, ISO 9001:2008 Tick-IT, ISO 15504, NATO AQAP 150, AQAP 2120 and EN9100:2003, QMS; AQAP; PMBoK ; EN 9100 & EN 9006 ; Six Sigma ; NP 4457 ;CRQNOS.
This enterprise is authorised by the MOD to develop activities related to defence armaments industry. Besides that this firm is taking part of the AICEP and NAMSA databases.

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