Headquartered in Cape Town, the city of South Africa, also with office in Vienna, Austria, WENTZ FORCES is a private company. WENTZ FORCES is an exporter and importer of weapons and military equipment in the territory of Africa, Balkan’s countries, Easter Europe and Indonesia.

We have partners in different countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA and Russia.

WENTZ FORCES’s vision is to become the leading company in the defense industry in East Europe, South Asia, Africa and, as such, be recognized and acknowledged as a respectable business partner.

WENTZ FORCES’s objective can be summarized as follows: Establishing international business partnerships and cooperations; Increased international market share; Constant improvements in the quality and quantity of products, modernization of the existing technologies and development of new technologies;Coordination of research and development activities; Transfer of technology and know-how;

WENTZ FORCES is committed to assisting customers worldwide with their various needs for defense products by providing them with high quality products as well as comprehensive, improved solutions and professional service.

Since its opening the WENTZ FORCES has become part of the DEFENCE CONSULTING GROUP whichis formed by group of companies from Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Costa Rica and Panama. The main subject of its activity is foreign trade and consulting activities with military and civil products.  Using the relations with Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Economics Authorities the Group successfully solves its tasks and harmonizes its policy in compliance with the needs and goals of these Ministries.

DEFENCE CONSULTING GROUP executes main projects in the area of military aviation as delivery of spare parts, aggregates and equipment as well as overhaul procedures. Delivery of military equipment, complete items and ammunitions.

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